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A home computer with Internet access has become much more common as an essential tool for education in recent years. Long gone are the days of one enormous computer in the school, wheeled into each class on a roster! Even preschoolers have access to computer programs all designed to help them learn new skills earlier to increase the chance of academic success.

If you don't have access to a computer in the home, libraries are accessible and their computers often free to use. As technology improves at an ever increasing rate, older models are sold off at discounts to make way for newer versions. 

Some tips for back to school shopping to make the right technology purchasing decisions:

- Check with the school

- Know the requirements

- Review support options

- Consider the courses

- Durability and warranties

Some schools provide students with a computer as they may have sponsorship from a computer firm. Some companies will offer significant discounts to students as way of supporting educational needs in their community.

It is really important when spending money on technology for your child to use in school or college that you purchase a product that is compatible with the school network. The school should send home a list of minimum requirements and a computer supplier will be able to sell you a machine that meets them. You can consider upgrading your current machine as long as the technology is not obsolete!

Many schools now offer far more extensive computer support than ever before. Some may even offer computer fix services and adult classes so you can keep up with your child(ren). The intended use of the technology requested on the lists can help you make purchasing decisions. Is it for notes or complex mathematical or scientific equations?

The technology required may be very different. Sending your child to school with expensive equipment can be a worry, especially if they are one of those prone to losing their lunch box and school bag daily! Consider purchasing a protective case to minimise accidental damage and also investigate the warranty options and an insurance policy.

It seems that long gone are the days when you sent your children to school in their uniform and 'everything' was provided for them. Now every year you get a new 'shopping list' of essential items to ensure your child's success with their education. Technology has found its way on to this 'essential' list as we become more and more reliant on electronic devices such as iPads and laptops for so many aspects of our lives. Follow the simple tips outlined above to help you make the most out of your technology purchases this year.

A cost effective way to get technology requirements on your students list is to look for slightly older models (just check they meet the minimum specifications required) or get your old models upgraded or repaired. Broken screen? Gentle PC in Wellington do laptop screen repairs. Visit www.gentlepc.co.nz for the latest information on mobile computer repairs in Wellington. Instead of buying new get that old computer repair done locally in Wellington and save money for other items on that school list or term trips.

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